Alert for the audience going to see Pagalpanti! Don’t waste your mind, money and time

New film. If you have a mind, please do not put it for 3 hours at all, because you can get very sick by focusing your mind on the film Pagalpanti !! When Anees Bazmee, who made a big comedy film, did not mind while making the film, what do you need? I had thought while watching the film to write a review, but my condition is like Aamir Khan of PK. Sahab some lost !!! I do not understand what has happened to Bollywood. In the name of films, they raise an army of superstars and pour money like water but do not work on the story and the script at all. Without spreading obscenity, the comedy writers had made a box office outing by writing films like Hungama, Hustle, Hara-Pheri. Today, even the film does not attract the audience even to cross the limits of slut dialogues. The multi-starrer comedy film Pagalpanti also offers a similar example.

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Movie story
As I have already told that finding the story in the film is the biggest battle, even after a lot of effort, you will get the head and feet of the film separately. Let me tell you as much as I understand. The story of the film has three main characters which are extremely unfortunate. One of them is Raj Kishore (John Abraham), on whom the eldest half-and-half is engaged. Whatever Raj works or works with, he is divided. Due to the fate of Raj, the country’s money runs away with Neeraj Modi. After the escape of Neeraj Modi, Raj Kishore moves to London and meets Janki (Arshad Warsi) and Chandu (Pulkit Samrat) there. The three have a selfish friendship and think of doing business together, but Raj’s bad luck also ruins that business. Then they all meet Sanjana (Ileana D’Cruz) and they are also lured to do business and Sanjana’s money has also been drowned. After this, he is caught in the circumstances and goes to Wi Fi brother (Anil Kapoor) and Raja Sahab (Saurabh Shukla), who is a don. At the same time, Chandu meets Jahnavi (Kirti Kharbanda). Raj, Chandu and Junkie all three get caught in the underworld and in this they meet Neeraj Modi. After this, everyone starts trying to get money from Neeraj Modi.

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Review of the film ‘Pagalpanti’

Anees Bazmee is such a comedy director who has made great comedy films, but his film has disappointed him a lot. Anees is a good director but in this film he really has not made up his mind. The dialogue delivery of the film is very poor and there is a problem in editing too. The entire film looks like the same old fashioned Ghis-PT film. After watching most of the scenes, you will feel like you have seen this scene or something similar before.

The artist
It is said that even if the story is not very special, the cast of the film saves the film from being flopped by its acting, but God cannot save it even if the story is not head-to-head. The actors have done the right acting according to their characters. The cast members Anil Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla were not seen doing much on screen. Actors like Arshad Warsi also had the same rote script that they have read. Ileana Dikruz, Kirti Kharbanda and Urvashi Rautela have also not got much to do in the film. Overall, the actors were able to understand what the condition of the film would be, so they too did not give their 100 percent.

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