Careful! Do not watch Akshay Kumar’s “Filhaal” song after breakup, tears won’t stop

Some emotions are such that they are not tied in words but are felt, only then the truth of that feeling can be recognized. Akshay Kumar, with a similar feeling, has brought his first music video ‘Shilpa’ which is making a splash right now. In every way, the story line of Akshay Kumar’s music video ‘Filhaal’ is being discussed. There are some singers in Bollywood whose songs make you emotional, in this list, Arijit Singh’s name comes at the top but Punjabi singer B Prak is such a singer whose songs are tears in eyes. Singer B Prak has also sung ‘Filhaal’. Like every song, this song has been written by writer and lyricist Jani. The music video is directed by Arvindra Khaira. Acting in this song, Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon’s sister Nupur Senan, whose love story is true but incomplete.

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Story of ‘at the moment’
The story line of the song is the story of incomplete love. As I already told you that it is difficult to tell some feelings in words, it is difficult to tell this story in words but tries – Nupur Sanon gets an accident at the beginning of the song and takes him to the hospital by ambulance. Brings it At the same time, Akshay Kumar is a doctor in the hospital, Akshay Kumar is living such a life in which he has everything, not just what he wanted. He is shocked to see his true love soaked in blood on the hospital bed and the story flashes back to the flashback of how his love story remained incomplete. To know the story of this incomplete love, you have to watch the song.

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The video is perfect for music video. Akshay Kumar once again proved that he is nothing less than a romance. 52-year-old Akshay Kumar has taken life with his romantic style in the song. You can see yourself by adding emotional scenes in the film. Nupur Senan looks very cute in the song. When he is brought to the hospital, the innocence of his face attracts people. The song is sung by B. Prak. His lyrics and his lyrics have taken the song to a different level. The song has rocked on YouTube.

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