In “Tanaji: The Unsung Warrior”, Saif gives Ajay Devgan a tough fight, the film is fantastic

There are many heroes in the history of India who have heard stories and stories of bravery from childhood. One of the heroes of India was the Maratha Subedar Tanaji Malusare. Tanaji was considered to be quite special of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Tanaji was considered to be the right hand of Shivaji and he fought big battles. One of these battles was the Sinhagarh battle. This battle is built on the basis of Ajay Devgan, Kajol and Saif Ali Khan’s film Tanaji: The Unsung Warrior. If you are going to the theater to see this film, then know how the film is-

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Movie story
Talking about the story of the film, we will get to see some special invitations of the 17th century. When there was a lot of tension between the Marathas and the Mughals. The main focus of the film is on Ajay Devgan’s character Tanaji Malusare. The film depicts Tanaji’s childhood and his father dies here. There is not much information of Tanaji’s father Sardar Kaloji in history.
The story of the film is based on the battle of Kodhanla Fort. This fort built near Kodhanla Pune was very special and everyone wanted to capture this fort. The Mughals already had a good grip in the north and they wanted to establish their empire in the south direction with the help of Kodhanla Fort. And this was a matter of concern for the Marathas. From 1657 to 1664, Kodhanla Fort was with Shivaji Maharaj but in 1665 Shivaji lost this fort for some reason.
Shivaji’s mother-in-law Jijabai did not approve of the fact that the fort remained with the Mughals, so in 1670 Rajmata Jijabai vowed that she would sacrifice food until she got the Kodhanla fort back. Jijabai’s oath in this film is slightly different, here she swears that she will not wear shoes. Shivaji had to fulfill this wish of his mother, but it was very difficult to win the Kodhanla because Udaybhan Rathod, the special soldier of Ganjab was protecting Saif Ali Khan. Uday Bhan was a Rajput but due to his greedy intentions he was supporting the Mughals.
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At the same time, Shivaji entrusted this special task of capturing the Kodhanla Fort to his special friend and general, Tanaji Malusare. At that time, Tanaji was busy in preparations for his son’s wedding, but to comply with Rajmata’s wishes and Shivaji’s orders, he left his son’s wedding and started preparing for the war. On the night of 4 February 1670, Tanaji took 700 to 800 saunikas to Kodhanla, and the security of the fort which came out was very strong and 5000 Mughal soldiers were protecting that fort. But there was no guard on the back part of the fort because the wall of that part was very high and big and there was no door and Tanaji decided to climb this wall. For this work he used Bengal Monitor Lizard which is also known as Ghorpade.
This is an animal whose grip is very strong. Tanaji tied a rope on this lizard and threw it across the fort and with the help of this rope, 700 soldiers including Tanaji raised the fort. A terrible battle started as soon as we reached the fort. 800 Maratha soldiers were giving a dangerous collision to 5000 Mughal Sainas. Tanaji was confronting Uday Bhan. After a long battle, the Maratha soldiers win the Kodhanla Fort, but in this battle, Tanaji becomes a martyr. Tanaji was killed by Udaybhan. Shivaji was not as happy to win the fort, but more grief was to lose Tanaji. Shivaji changed the name of Kodhanla Fort to Sinhagad Fort because he used to call Tanaji a lion.

Movie review
Ajay Devgan has done a fantastic job in Tanaji’s character. He looks absolutely perfect in his role. The expressions of a loyal warrior are clearly visible on his face. Seeing the trailer, it was said on social media that Ajay does not look special in the Tanaji role but Ajay Devgan looks great in the film. But somewhere you will miss Bajirao Singham by seeing him. Tanaji’s wife Savitri Bai is played by Kajol. It is good to see Ajay and Kajol together on screen after years. Both the pair look beautiful and Kajol has done a good acting. Now let’s talk about the villain of the film, this time the character of the villain is very strong in the film, Saif Ali Khan is giving a tremendous competition to Ajay with his strong performance. In front of Saif, your attention will not go to any other actor. In Udaybhan Rathore’s most ferocious character, Saif has taken such a life that you will remember him in times to come. Seeing his character, you will remember the Khilji of Padmavat. Sharad Kelkar has also done justice to his character. His role is also fantastic. Tanaji: The Unsung Warrior is directed by Om Raut. The film’s first half is a little slow. The film’s visual effects, graphics (VFX) are superb and action first class. It is fun to see. It will be more fun to watch the film in 3-D. When the spears and arrows are moving, the neck automatically turns to the right and left. The music of the film is full of Veer Ras.

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