Light-hearted comedy and weak story, Jai Mummy Di came on screen

By the way, nowadays more people live in flats where no one knows who lives in their neighborhood, but you can take this family feeling in Delhi even today. In these societies, there is love and conflict among people. The film Jai Mummy Di is also a film made on the historical quarrel of two mummies living in a society, but the fight is not with sticks but with tongue. In the film, their children are facing punishment for the hostility of two moms. The scripting and direction of the film is done by Navjot Gulati. You will also see the pair of Sunny Singh and Sonali Sehgal with Pyaar Ka Panchnama. If you are not going to the theater with very high expectations this week and want to watch some light comedy then you can watch the film Jai Mummy Di.

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Movie story
The film is the story of two moms living in a society, Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon. Both used to be friends at some time, but something happened in their life that both of them became hostile to thorns. These two mothers living in the neighborhood fight a lot, leaving no chance to degrade each other. All the time, the bus stays in the same direction so that the front can be insulated. Many Bollywood films have shown that the enemy falls in love. The same formula has been adopted here. Moms have enmity but their children fall in love with each other. The children of both Sunny Singh and Sonali Sehgal want their mothers to become friends with each other. The children also work hard to get both of them reconciled, but matters get worse when Sonali Sehgal’s marriage is decided by her mother with someone else. Now whether the India-Pakistan enmity between the two neighbors will end or Sonali will get married to someone else, you will have to watch the film.

Acting and direction
Sunny Singh is a good actor and has done a good job in films like Pyar Ka Panchnama 2, Ujra Chaman. Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon, who play the role of Mummies in the film, have also acted well as a stubborn mother. Like the rest of the films, Sonali Sehgal has applied her hotness in the film but she does not seem to fit much in the role of the daughter of an adorable mother. The weakness of the film is the direction of the film and its story. The film’s script has comedy but the emotion scene lacks emotion. There is no laughing even on comedy. Nothing new has been done in the film, but it seems that by picking up some things from Bollywood and films, they have made a film. Talking about the music of the film, one of the songs of the film is Superhit Meri Mummy Noo Pyaar Hai Tu… .The song is very popular song of Punjab. 2 stars to the film from Prabhasakshi.

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