You can sacrifice your sleep for Manoj Bajpayee's "The Family Man"!

You can sacrifice your sleep for Manoj Bajpayee’s “The Family Man”!

In the era of web series, Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee has also entered the world of web. Amazon Prime’s most awaited web series ‘The Family Man’ has been released. This web series consists of 10 episodes, released simultaneously. The name of the web series ‘The Family Man’ seems to be the name, it is a family type story, but his name appears only a fraction of the story. Let us know why it is worth watching Manoj Bajpayee’s web series The Family Man-

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Manoj Bajpayee’s web series ‘The Family Man’ asks many questions from the government and the people, these questions are related to the country, connected with society and also related to family relationships-
When a mob kills someone and some days this news goes on in the media and then it disappears as soon as other news comes. Then no one knows what happened to the case of people like Akhlaq?
Every Indian hates Pakistan and Kashmir has been at war for years. Everyone wants Kashmir but no one ever talks about the people of Kashmir, what the people of Kashmir want. Every country, political parties of countries, separate parties from the ideologies of the parties, Hurriyat, separatists, terrorists all burn their loaves in the fire of hatred and the loss is done only by the people of Kashmir. Why is it that in the largest democratic country, there is a ban on getting out of the house? There is no guarantee that the son who came out of the house will return home safely or not … says that Kashmir is a paradise but people do not live like hell in heaven?
Are Muslims and all those who speak against the government a terrorist? One person is provoking, the other is furious, has the understanding of the people become termite today?
Has the understanding of our family relationships reduced so much that those who are not strong with time are becoming weaker?
There are many such questions in the series which you hear everyday but do not understand. ‘The family man’ will once again catch your attention and will open the pole of the government.
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The film is the story of Spy Srikanth Tiwari which revolves around his work and family. Many actors have played the role of detectives in Bollywood but Manoj Bajpayee has played the character of Srikanth Tiwari in this web series. The series has a story of Spy that does an extraordinary job but is as ordinary as ordinary people. Spy also tries his best to become a family man. Srikant Tiwari, like everyone else, is busy trying to buy his house, goes to school for the kids and makes sandwiches, etc., if needed. The children feel that their father does a government job because there is rest. The wife is also angry that she is unable to give more time to the family. In the life of this spy, everything that is happening is happening around you every day.
Srikanth Tiwari’s extraordinary work is that of Spy. So that the people of the country can live peacefully, these people work to find the enemies of the country. In the film, the terrorists plan a big mission and they plan to execute it. Srikanth wants to thwart this mission .. The web series ‘The Family Man’ is just based on this. ‘The Family Man’ is a spy action drama series with 10 episodes that keeps you hooked till the end. It has thrill, action, emotion and suspense.
The web series is directed by Raj and DK, who have previously made films like Rajkumar Rao’s Stree. The woman was very much liked by the people. Raj and DK, who used to create a horror and comedy, were seen doing directions in this web series in a different way. The pair of Raj and DK proved that they are long-race horses. At the same time, if we talk about acting, then Manoj Bajpayee has done a great job. Apart from this, Malayali actor Neeraj Madhav playing the role of terrorist Musa Rahman (Al Qatil) has also done a great job. JK, who is assisting Srikanth, is such a character, who wants to see it again and again.

Story disappointing but tremendous action of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff

Story disappointing but tremendous action of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff

Hrithik Roshan is back in his form. After the film Super 30, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s film ‘War’ has been released on 2 October. Both Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are known for good action and great dance in the Bollywood industry. Now when both super action diamonds and dancers will be seen together in a film, what are your expectations? Lots of action and lots of dance entertainment. In the film too, you will get to see great action of both as well as beautiful location .. which is the USP of this film.

The story of the film is based on Guru and disciple. The Guru’s character name is ‘Kabir’ means Hrithik Roshan and the disciple is ‘Khalid’ ie Tiger Shroff. The story of the film is like this in which Guru and Chela come face to face after a while. There is a difference of ground-sky in the thoughts of both of them, which is the enmity of both and the whole battle takes place on this … Not much is being told about the story because there is nothing worth telling in the story to see what is there You will have to watch the film. In a beautiful scene, the action twists and surprises will surprise and surprise you. We do not want to ruin the film by telling you the story .. Yes, just the climax of the film is very good.

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War movie review

The most beautiful thing in the film is the beautiful location of the film, after that Hrithik Roshan lives in the film. Tiger Shroff has also given a fierce competition to Hrithik Roshan in terms of action. The action scenes of both of them in the film will surprise you. Director Siddharth Anand has given full attention to the action in the film and forgot to strengthen the story. The story of the film is disappointing. For a while, Vaani Kapoor also has an entry in the film, but he was not given much screen time. He played the role of Vaani well. There are only two songs in the film but their compositions and lyrics are strong enough to entertain you. Vishal-Shekhar has done wonders in Jai Jai Shiv Shankar and the rest of the game has been won by camera work and Hrithik-Tiger’s dance moves.

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Priyanka Chopra's Bollywood still needs a lot to see The Sky Is Pink

Priyanka Chopra’s Bollywood still needs a lot to see The Sky Is Pink

The life that we are going to live by being angry with people, fighting and fighting, do you know what is the value of this life? If you have forgotten the value of your life, then by watching Priyanka Chopra’s film The Sky is Pink, you will again remember how important our life is to us as well as family and friends. The story of Priyanka Chopra’s film The Sky is Pink is a film based on a true incident.

Shonali Bose’s film The Sky Is Pink depicts the story of a girl who has a serious illness like SCID i.e. Severe Combined Immunodeficiency since childhood. In this disease, the child has zero immunity due to which the risk of infection in the body remains at all times and the child can die at any time. This type of disease can occur in one million children. Ayesha Chaudhary succumbed to this disease.
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Movie story
Niren Chaudhary (Farhan Akhtar) and Aditi Chaudhary (Priyanka Chopra) are a very cute and romantic couple in the film. Their love for these two is always up. While Priyanka is adept at getting her stubborn and emotional by saying everything, Niren Aditi admits everything as an emotion. Both are married and have a son. Son Ishaan (Rohit Saraf) is right, but the first daughter Tanya has a SCID disease, which causes Tanya to die. Both get out of this trauma very hard and move forward in life. After a few years Aditi again becomes a mother and a girl Ayesha Chaudhary (Zaira Wasim). Ayesha also suffers from SCID disease, but this time Aditi and Niren do not give up and reach London to save Aisha’s life. Think what kind of struggle the people who had no money to know Nepal would have reached London? Well, to save Ayesha’s life, it is very important to have a surgery, which can lead to side effects later on, but Ayesha’s life will be saved at that time. Mother- Ayesha is cured after severe illness of her father, but at the age of 15, the side effects of surgery start and Ayesha Chaudhary gets lung infection. After this transition, Ayesha can only live for 2 to 3 years … Now Ayesha knows that she has only a few days of her life, how do she live on these days? This is the story of the film The Sky is Pink.
The life of the film is Priyanka Chopra and Zaira Wasim. Priyanka Chopra’s strong acting has proved that Bollywood is in great need of Priyanka right now. Priyanka Chopra plays three characters in the film. The first character is played by Farhan Akhtar’s girlfriend and then the wife and best of all, a mother. Played all three characters in a very realistic way. Not a single moment in the entire film is seen as a drama of over-acting. The story of the film could not have been complete without Niren Yanni’s Farhan Akhtar. Priyanka and Farhan are so natural that after some time you start seeing and feeling them like Aditi and Niren. Farhan Akhtar has also done a good job in the film. Rohit Saraf, playing the character of Ayesha’s brother, was also very emotional on the face.

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Director Shonali Bose has not tried anything over drama or salt-pepper. The film has been directed very well. The story line of the film is very strong as well as a lot of hard work on the script of the film. There is no money anywhere in the direction and script. The music of the film is serious and entertaining. Overall, if you like to move away from the league and watch realistic movies, then you will like this film. Apart from this, if you like to watch action, drama, comedy or light films, then do not watch these films at all. Because this film depicts the story of a family struggling with a disease.
Who is Ayesha Chaudhary?
The film The Sky Is Pink is the true story of Ayesha Chaudhary’s life. Ayesha Chaudhary was a Motivational speaker and also wrote a few books. One of his books, My Little Epiphanies, was in the news. The book was published the day before 18-year-old Ayesha’s death. Ayesha was born in Delhi on 27 March 1996, Ayesha had an immunity disorder at the time of birth. Ayesha underwent a bone marrow transplant while being treated for the disease. The side effect of this surgery was so terrible that Ayesha got pulmonary fibrosis, a lung related disease, and Ayesha died in just 18 years.

Rajkummar Rao's Made in China gives social messages on sex with the help of comedy

Rajkummar Rao’s Made in China gives social messages on sex with the help of comedy

It is said that the best businessmen are from Gujarat. The saying for Gujaratis is that Gujaratis keep track of pie. Rajkummar Rao’s film Made in China is also the story of a man who dreams of becoming a big businessman. Rajkummar Rao, Boman Irani and Mouni Roy have lead roles in the film. If you are planning to watch the film Made in China being released on this Diwali, then know how the film is-

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What is the story of the film?

The entire story of the film revolves around Raghu Mehta (Rajkummar Rao). In the beginning of the film, it is shown that Raghu is a boy from a very poor family and he is spending his life very tightly. Raghu wants to do something big in his life so that he can make his name. Raghu Mehta dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur who makes his way to fulfillment. Raghu does all the work but he does not get success. One day Raghu has to go to China for some work. Raghu’s life just turns to China. In China, Raghu meets a businessman who trades a drug to increase sex power, after seeing such a big trade of this drug, Raghu’s mind comes up with an idea that this medicine has to be transported to India. Raghu creates trade chain from China, connects Chinese medicine to sexist doctor’s doctor’s clinic in India. Raghu’s business starts growing slowly. But then comes the twist in the story when a Chinese officer arrives at the Indo China Festival in Ahmedabad, a Chinese officer dies by drinking Raghu’s magic soup. To see what happens next in Raghu’s journey, you will have to watch the film.

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Made in china movie review

The film stars Rajkumar Rao, Boman Irani, Sumit Vayas, Gajraj Rao and Paresh Rawal. All the actors have acted in a number in the film. Rajkummar Rao’s acting is cool. But Rajkumar Rao has been doing similar characters for a long time, so he has become used to seeing him in such roles. Acting is good but nothing new. Now let’s talk about Mouni Roy in the film Mouni’s role is nothing special. Mouni had shown only in Naagin only in Bollywood, she remains the showpiece in the film. Sumit Vayas, Gajraj Rao and Paresh Rawal have also managed to leave their mark in lesser scenes.

The film is directed by Mikhail Mushale. Mikhail Mushale has also worked with Rajkumar Rao in the film Stree. Mikhail Mushle has made a comedy film on issues like sex considered taboo in society and has tried to convey the message as well. Mikhail Mushale was successful in his attempt. Talking about the story, a little film could be made more entertaining. Song Odhni of the film, Senedo is already trending on chartbuster. There are many scenes in the movie that will make you laugh and laugh. Overall, on your Diwali holidays you can go to the movies and you will not be bored.

The issue of Baldness was sensitive but the story of the film made it ineffective

The issue of Baldness was sensitive but the story of the film made it ineffective

There is a saying that one should not see the face of a person… but when it comes to real life, everyone chooses the opposite of this saying. Then, just forgetting the beauty, get lost in the charm of the beautiful face. Now you must be thinking what is the combination of the film Ujra Chaman and Surat-Serat? So let us tell you that Sunny Singh’s film Ujra Chaman is based on beauty and smart appearance.

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Movie story

When the story of the film starts, the film shows the story of Lly Professor Chaman Kohli, who has very short hair in his head. Hearing the name of Professor Chaman Kohli, you must also be thinking that we are talking about a professor of 50-60 years, but this professor is very young, who has a lot in his mind but in the upper department of the brain but no hair Huh. Because of this Professor Sahab remains very upset. Due to lack of hair, he appears older in his youth, due to which he is not even getting married. Professor Sahab is also no less demanding in the film, he wishes that whichever girl he is married to be beautiful. Now if his wish is fulfilled or not, then you will have to watch the film.

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Direction / script

The director of the film is Abhishek Pathak and the story of the film is Raj B. Shetty has written. The film is a Hindi remake of the Kannada film Ondu Mottiah Kathe. The film is produced by Kumar Mangat and Abhishek Pathak. Talking about the direction, the subject of Abhishek Pathak’s film was quite serious and new, but the mistake of Abhishek was that he started looking at this sensitive issue of body shaming with the prism of cinema and hence the effect that he should have read, was absolutely Did not have The story of the film simply revolves around the beautiful girl. The entire beauty of the film has been removed from the hair and the beauty of the girl has been retained. The concept of the film is that what the short hair has to face in the society but in the film it is just shown that the short hair is not getting a beautiful girl. The person writing the story here knows that baldness has to be made an issue but does not know where to end it.


The lead role in the film is of Sunny Singh, who has played the role of a half-smelling professor. Sunny has played the character of quite a dashing boy before this role in the film Pyaar Ka Panchanama and Sonu’s Titu Sweety. Sunny has played a completely different role from her older characters in this film and played it well. This is why Sunny is praised. It also stars Karisma Sharma and Manvi Gagaru. Karishma Sharma doesn’t have much to do. She is playing the role of a college student. She comes on screen for a while and then leaves. Saurabh Shukla appears in a small role, but gets overwhelmed. Manvi Gagaru’s sensitive acting makes the film a bit watchable. If the topic is new then you can watch it but when watching this comedy film, there is no laughing matter. It also lacks fun punch lines.

Sooraj Pancholi's film Satellite Shankar made with good intentions but weak direction

Sooraj Pancholi’s film Satellite Shankar made with good intentions but weak direction

Many times it happens that the writer writes the script well but even after a good script, the film misses due to useless direction. Something similar happened with director Irrfan Kamal’s film ‘Satellite Shankar’, the storyline of the film was chosen a little bit and the acting was also corrected but due to poor direction the film missed being a superhit. Sooraj Pancholi’s ‘Satellite Shankar’ is the second film to hit an entry in Bollywood from Salman Khan’s film Hero. The film is the story of an army soldier and the film also talks about the integrity of the country in a lighthearted manner.

Movie story

In the film, Shankar (Suraj Pancholi) is a soldier of the Indian Army. Shankar calls his entire battalion ‘Satellite Shankar’ because he has the skills to talk in many tongues. Shankar’s tongue has such sweetness and a unique way of talking that people believe his words. Shankar is going to be seen connecting many broken hearts in the film. Shankar loves his mother very much. The film shows Shankar injured during a fight in Kashmir after which he is allowed to go to his home mother. Permission is granted on the basis that he will return after 8 days. Shankar prepares to go home, his companions also give some items which he can deliver to his house. Fauji Shankar walks towards his house but the way to reach his house is not easy. Everyone protects the countrymen on the outskirts of the country, but in the film, Shankar has shown such a hero who stays in the country and helps the countrymen. In the film, the director has shown that even real life helpers are real heroes. Meanwhile, Shankar has to face corruption inside the country for which he fights. During this fight, he gets caught in this, now whether the hero of the people is able to return to duty on time or not, you will have to watch the film.

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Guidance and technical aspects

Some of the things in the film’s script are quite interesting but the story is boring at times. The entire focus in the film is on Shankar’s eight-day vacation. In such a situation, you do not have the option to see anything else. Irrfan Kamal’s direction is weak. The first half moves very slowly and without any romance, but the interest in the story starts after the interval. Cute love story of Hero, Suraj Pancholi and Megha Akash fighting with goons is good. It is nice to see different cities, different people, languages. Sooraj Pancholi in the role of Abhinay Shankar got a full opportunity to show his acting ability.

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Careful! Do not watch Akshay Kumar's "Filhaal" song after breakup, tears won't stop

Careful! Do not watch Akshay Kumar’s “Filhaal” song after breakup, tears won’t stop

Some emotions are such that they are not tied in words but are felt, only then the truth of that feeling can be recognized. Akshay Kumar, with a similar feeling, has brought his first music video ‘Shilpa’ which is making a splash right now. In every way, the story line of Akshay Kumar’s music video ‘Filhaal’ is being discussed. There are some singers in Bollywood whose songs make you emotional, in this list, Arijit Singh’s name comes at the top but Punjabi singer B Prak is such a singer whose songs are tears in eyes. Singer B Prak has also sung ‘Filhaal’. Like every song, this song has been written by writer and lyricist Jani. The music video is directed by Arvindra Khaira. Acting in this song, Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon’s sister Nupur Senan, whose love story is true but incomplete.

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Story of ‘at the moment’
The story line of the song is the story of incomplete love. As I already told you that it is difficult to tell some feelings in words, it is difficult to tell this story in words but tries – Nupur Sanon gets an accident at the beginning of the song and takes him to the hospital by ambulance. Brings it At the same time, Akshay Kumar is a doctor in the hospital, Akshay Kumar is living such a life in which he has everything, not just what he wanted. He is shocked to see his true love soaked in blood on the hospital bed and the story flashes back to the flashback of how his love story remained incomplete. To know the story of this incomplete love, you have to watch the song.

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The video is perfect for music video. Akshay Kumar once again proved that he is nothing less than a romance. 52-year-old Akshay Kumar has taken life with his romantic style in the song. You can see yourself by adding emotional scenes in the film. Nupur Senan looks very cute in the song. When he is brought to the hospital, the innocence of his face attracts people. The song is sung by B. Prak. His lyrics and his lyrics have taken the song to a different level. The song has rocked on YouTube.

Alert for the audience going to see Pagalpanti! Don't waste your mind, money and time

Alert for the audience going to see Pagalpanti! Don’t waste your mind, money and time

New film. If you have a mind, please do not put it for 3 hours at all, because you can get very sick by focusing your mind on the film Pagalpanti !! When Anees Bazmee, who made a big comedy film, did not mind while making the film, what do you need? I had thought while watching the film to write a review, but my condition is like Aamir Khan of PK. Sahab some lost !!! I do not understand what has happened to Bollywood. In the name of films, they raise an army of superstars and pour money like water but do not work on the story and the script at all. Without spreading obscenity, the comedy writers had made a box office outing by writing films like Hungama, Hustle, Hara-Pheri. Today, even the film does not attract the audience even to cross the limits of slut dialogues. The multi-starrer comedy film Pagalpanti also offers a similar example.

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Movie story
As I have already told that finding the story in the film is the biggest battle, even after a lot of effort, you will get the head and feet of the film separately. Let me tell you as much as I understand. The story of the film has three main characters which are extremely unfortunate. One of them is Raj Kishore (John Abraham), on whom the eldest half-and-half is engaged. Whatever Raj works or works with, he is divided. Due to the fate of Raj, the country’s money runs away with Neeraj Modi. After the escape of Neeraj Modi, Raj Kishore moves to London and meets Janki (Arshad Warsi) and Chandu (Pulkit Samrat) there. The three have a selfish friendship and think of doing business together, but Raj’s bad luck also ruins that business. Then they all meet Sanjana (Ileana D’Cruz) and they are also lured to do business and Sanjana’s money has also been drowned. After this, he is caught in the circumstances and goes to Wi Fi brother (Anil Kapoor) and Raja Sahab (Saurabh Shukla), who is a don. At the same time, Chandu meets Jahnavi (Kirti Kharbanda). Raj, Chandu and Junkie all three get caught in the underworld and in this they meet Neeraj Modi. After this, everyone starts trying to get money from Neeraj Modi.

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Review of the film ‘Pagalpanti’

Anees Bazmee is such a comedy director who has made great comedy films, but his film has disappointed him a lot. Anees is a good director but in this film he really has not made up his mind. The dialogue delivery of the film is very poor and there is a problem in editing too. The entire film looks like the same old fashioned Ghis-PT film. After watching most of the scenes, you will feel like you have seen this scene or something similar before.

The artist
It is said that even if the story is not very special, the cast of the film saves the film from being flopped by its acting, but God cannot save it even if the story is not head-to-head. The actors have done the right acting according to their characters. The cast members Anil Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla were not seen doing much on screen. Actors like Arshad Warsi also had the same rote script that they have read. Ileana Dikruz, Kirti Kharbanda and Urvashi Rautela have also not got much to do in the film. Overall, the actors were able to understand what the condition of the film would be, so they too did not give their 100 percent.

Vardhan Puri's thriller film "Yeh Saali Aashiqui" shows the heartless face of love

Vardhan Puri’s thriller film “Yeh Saali Aashiqui” shows the heartless face of love

New Delhi. In 2019, children of many superstars made their Bollywood debut. In this list, the name of Vardhan Puri, grandson of cinema’s Mogambo Amrish Puri has also been included. Vardhan Puri has made his Bollywood debut with the film “Yeh Saali Aashiqui”. The film is released in theaters on 28 November 2019. The film stars Shivalika Oberoi with Vardhan Puri. Vardhan Puri’s first film is also a love story like the rest of StarKids’ debut films, but the story of this love story is different from the rest, it is a story of hateful hatred born after love. Where there is innocence in love… There is emotion… There is a cruel, gruesome face of love in this film. The film’s concept is showing another form of love and is different from the rest of the love story so the film should be appreciated.

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Story of the film “Yeh Sali Aashiqui”
The film shows Sahil Mehra (Vardhan Puri) standing in college and telling his friends that “people say that girls are insecure in the country, but the fact is that boys are not too safe.” “. The story of the film revolves around Sahil’s same line. Sahil Mehra is pursuing a hotel management college in Shimla where he meets Miti Deora (Shivalika Oberoi). Sahil Mehra falls in love with Meeti Deora at first sight. Sahil Mehra expresses his love After a few days, Mithi also starts liking Sahil. The love begins between the two, but this love story is not like the rest of the love stories. In this love story, there is no such thing as true love, innocence, love chemistry filling, but cheating, hating, messing up. After all, what happens between Meeti Deora and Sahil Mehra?
Sahil Mehra falls in love with Miti, after joining Miti, he becomes separated from his friends and family. Sahil’s love starts turning into madness due to distance from people and loneliness. Miti, without understanding Sahil’s circumstances, takes advantage of it and gets caught in a false incident and leads her to a mental asylum. Then Sahil prepares the script to take the meeting with Meeti. To know whether Sahil will succeed in his cause, you will have to watch the film.
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Movie “Yeh Saali Aashiqui” Review
Vardhan Puri has revealed from his first film that he belongs to a well-known artist family. In the film, two forms of Vardhan are shown, in the first form, Vardhan has become a calm boy of college, while he falls completely after being deceived in love, Vardhan’s calm form changes into a fierce face. Vardhan Puri has portrayed two different characters of humans on one screen. Vardhan Puri is engaged in giving dialogue delivery in many places in the film, but in the first film, such a mistake can be forgiven. Shivalika Oberoi has been able to impress to some extent. His expressions are good.
Now let’s talk about the most important thing about directing a film. The director of the film is in the hands of running the film. Even if the story is good, if the direction is not good then the film falls flat. Something similar has happened to “Yeh Saali Aashiqui”. The film is directed by Chirag Rooprell. Despite the strong acting and good script of the actors, the film is not connecting you, the big reason behind it is the lack of direction in the film.
Overall, you can watch “Yeh Saali Aashiqui” if you like watching the thriller of suspense thriller in Pyaar, aside from minor romantic films. A scene in the film is also reminiscent of Amrish Puri, where Vardhan Puri speaks ‘Aao .. Aao ..’ feeding the pigeons. This scene will directly remind you of Amrish Puri standing in the fields of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’.

The dreadful story of crime is Rani Mukerji's Mardaani 2, read the review before watching

The dreadful story of crime is Rani Mukerji’s Mardaani 2, read the review before watching

Rani Mukerji (Rani Mukerji) is going to make her comeback on screen again. Rani Mukherjee’s film Mardaani 2 is being released on Friday, December 13. The trailer of Mardaani 2 was so alive that Rongte stood up for the first time. Fans have been waiting for the film’s release date since then. Rani Mukerji’s film Mardaani was released in 2014, the second part of the film has been released in 2019. If you are planning to see this film, then know how the film is-

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Movie story

The story of the film is from the city of Kota in Rajasthan. Where children from every state of India come to make their future. One day a traitor enters the city. Who first kidnaps the girls and rapes them for several days and during this time also tortures them a lot and then brutally murders them. Such a heart-wrenching case comes out, seeing the generosity of which the blood of the entire nation rises. Seeing the generosity of this case, this case is given to the strictest police officer of the city, Shivani Shivaji Roy. Rani Mukherjee is playing the character of Shivani Shivaji Roy in the film Mardaani 2. The villain in the film is Villain (Vishal Jethwa). Who plays games with the police. He challenges the police officer Shivani that he is going to do the same thing with another girl again. Now whether this darinda is able to succeed in his cause or not, you will have to watch the film.
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Acting / direction
Rani has again made a strong comeback on the big screen from the film. Angry police officer’s expressions are seen on Rani’s face. Rani is the life of the film, praising Rani in a line. She has once again proved that Rani is a well-known artist who does not need any support to run the film, she can make the film a super hit on her own. The villain is played by Vishal Jethwa. His face is not clearly shown in the beginning of the film, but he looks like a creepy villain in the film. Vishal Jethwa is a TV actor. Who was seen in the role of Akbar in the heroic son-Maharana Pratap. Vishal Jethwa’s eyes make his character more scary. Apart from this, co-stars Vikram Singh Chauhan, Shruti Bapna, Rajesh Sharma, Deepika Amin Hai have all done justice to their roles.
The story line of the film is quite clear. The film has a thriller as well as plenty of emotional drama and action. Gopi Putheran has done a great job on the director’s tour. The suspense of the film is completely intact. Also, the film also gives a message. Gopi has screened a creepy story through the film. For which we can praise him. The editing of the film could have been done better. Overall, the money is worth Rani Mukherjee’s Mardaani 2, which you can go to theaters.