The issue of Baldness was sensitive but the story of the film made it ineffective

There is a saying that one should not see the face of a person… but when it comes to real life, everyone chooses the opposite of this saying. Then, just forgetting the beauty, get lost in the charm of the beautiful face. Now you must be thinking what is the combination of the film Ujra Chaman and Surat-Serat? So let us tell you that Sunny Singh’s film Ujra Chaman is based on beauty and smart appearance.

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Movie story

When the story of the film starts, the film shows the story of Lly Professor Chaman Kohli, who has very short hair in his head. Hearing the name of Professor Chaman Kohli, you must also be thinking that we are talking about a professor of 50-60 years, but this professor is very young, who has a lot in his mind but in the upper department of the brain but no hair Huh. Because of this Professor Sahab remains very upset. Due to lack of hair, he appears older in his youth, due to which he is not even getting married. Professor Sahab is also no less demanding in the film, he wishes that whichever girl he is married to be beautiful. Now if his wish is fulfilled or not, then you will have to watch the film.

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Direction / script

The director of the film is Abhishek Pathak and the story of the film is Raj B. Shetty has written. The film is a Hindi remake of the Kannada film Ondu Mottiah Kathe. The film is produced by Kumar Mangat and Abhishek Pathak. Talking about the direction, the subject of Abhishek Pathak’s film was quite serious and new, but the mistake of Abhishek was that he started looking at this sensitive issue of body shaming with the prism of cinema and hence the effect that he should have read, was absolutely Did not have The story of the film simply revolves around the beautiful girl. The entire beauty of the film has been removed from the hair and the beauty of the girl has been retained. The concept of the film is that what the short hair has to face in the society but in the film it is just shown that the short hair is not getting a beautiful girl. The person writing the story here knows that baldness has to be made an issue but does not know where to end it.


The lead role in the film is of Sunny Singh, who has played the role of a half-smelling professor. Sunny has played the character of quite a dashing boy before this role in the film Pyaar Ka Panchanama and Sonu’s Titu Sweety. Sunny has played a completely different role from her older characters in this film and played it well. This is why Sunny is praised. It also stars Karisma Sharma and Manvi Gagaru. Karishma Sharma doesn’t have much to do. She is playing the role of a college student. She comes on screen for a while and then leaves. Saurabh Shukla appears in a small role, but gets overwhelmed. Manvi Gagaru’s sensitive acting makes the film a bit watchable. If the topic is new then you can watch it but when watching this comedy film, there is no laughing matter. It also lacks fun punch lines.

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